Godtowels – Mark Grootes


to Salon Pièdestal

Mark Grootes shows an installation of embroidery pieces on towel called Godtowels at the one evening event of Salon Pièdestal.

Having taken inspiration from the Chinese Godpaper, Mark Grootes introduces Godtowels within Salon Pièdestal. Chinese Godpaper or Ghostmoney is ritual paper used to honor the ancestors. Within the exhibitionspace the Godtowels will work in two ways.

The Godtowels are a replacement for two specific prints on canvas which decorated the walls of the workspace of Care Wormerveer. They represented anonimous Buddha figures in vague nature surroundings. Within these two prints lies an idea of Western healthcare aesthetics of tranquility and peace in Eastern (Asian and/or Oriëntal) religions, shapes and objects. The Godtowels are designed to duplicate this function, also using these ‘oriëntal’ aesthetics. They are in fact nothing more than abstractions of their predecesors, their shapes less known to the Western viewer.

Towels in general and also the Godtowels are clearly objects, related to the function of the space, but more important is the bond between the artist and the local of the space: mother and son. Thus, the Godtowels maintain the Chinese Godpaper function of ancestor worship.

to Salon Pièdestal