Immensely, Awfully, Terribly lucky Bamboo + Reflections H2O – Martijn Petrus

Immensely, Awfully, Terribly lucky Bamboo + Reflections H2O

Martijn Petrus


The manipulation of nature and especially of plants, has been a big part of my practice for the last couple of years. This interest does not really spring from an ecological place but more from a place of imagination and fantasy. Seeing the strange human creations like plants braided into each other or forced to grow in a certain way, triggers feelings of wonderment and amusement in me, making me curious to see what else could be possible. It often results in me making a synthetic version of a natural occurrence. Much like the work Reflection H2O, a mirror that is deformed to resemble the reflection of a water surface.

The two prints on the shower curtains (Immensely, Awfully, Terribly Lucky Bamboo) that were created for SHOWdROOM, depict a digital simulation inspired by Lucky Bamboo.

A funny thing about Lucky Bamboo is that it’s not bamboo at all, it’s actually a young branch taken from the dracena plant. The single green branches of “fake” bamboo are often manipulated into growing in the shape of a spiral. But there are many varieties, including examples consisting of many branches that are woven together to form complicated constructions. However, even after their manipulation, they still function as plants. They need water, they grow and they even shoot roots.

With the future of plant manipulation in mind I simulated a new kind of Lucky Bamboo. A kind that can resemble other shapes and material qualities, like mirrored glass or a metallic kind of gloss.



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