HELLMOUTHS (2021) is an installation created for PREDELLA, a sculpture garden and movie at Kunsthal Gent, curated by Camille Bladt and Timon Bloemen. The predella is a reference to the pedestal of The mystic lamb, the famous painting by Jan van Eyck. This pedestal used to have paintings of the hell on it, however due to a failed restauration they were erased. The movie shows the Hellmouths as well as the work of Emma van den Broek that make up the sculpture garden.

HELLMOUTHS at Predella, Kunsthal

PREDELLA “13:15”

PREDELLA is a movie made about the sculpture garden at Kunsthal Gent featuring the HELLMOUTHS as well as The Ladder, a sculpture from Emma van den Broeck. It shows a fairytale origin story of how the garden came to be, manifesting itself as a possibility of how Hell would have looked on the lost painting of the brother Van Eyck.

The Predella was lost
Once the world was filled with passageways
Ascention: The Ladder
(curated by Leo Lopez and Koi Persyn)