Muro Antico – Mark Grootes

Muro Antico


Mark Grootes created an installation of six replica’s of famous ruin walls as well as bath candles called Muro Antico for the one evening exhibition of SHOWdROOM.



Muro Antico exists out of six samples, varnished mdf squares in either white, grey or black, which all feature a replica of a fragment of well known European ruïnes. The ruïnes depicted are Villa Adriana in Tivoli, Italy (black) – Pompeii, Italy (white)– Vögué, Vallon de Pont D’Arc, France (grey). Within this showroom filled with bathrooms and other sanitary spaces the samples become suggestions of bathroom interiors, each a fragment that can become a space completely build in the style of the famous ruine.

In these current times some forces throughout Europe are glorifying golden ages from the past rather then feeling excitement for the future. Gone is the optimism of the nineties, lost is our faith that globalism can create a a union. Science, religion and politics, the pillars of our civilization, are all under pressure by the grim reality of a public dissatisfaction with society. Within the anti movements who rally against the established order, there seems to be a general feeling that things used to be better in our countries. The story that is being sold is that of an reversed Renaissance. For what is left of Europe the Great, where is the evidence of our triumphant past?

As a fragment, and out of context, the bricks of Muro Antico show only a distortion. In fact nothing can be sold. The picturesque ideal did not survive our modern world.