Family Business

Family Business (2019 – 2022)

to Mark Grootes

Family Business is a collaborative project between Jonathan Paepens, TG, Martijn Petrus and Mark Grootes, coming together for five exhibitions. All four artists have in common that their parents have their own small business. As a young artist, in these times it is more often than not crucial to have some support from your parents. Many people know the dual feeling of relief and a bit of guilt over that small amount of money they are gifted at the end of a difficult month. But above all, young artist often depend heavily on the emotional support that is needed to continue a very difficult and competitive path, where the work conditions are not easy and payment is always a bit uncertain.

This series of exhibitions are designed to emphasize this specific connection between the artist and their parents. Each show takes place in one of the workspaces of the artist’ parents and will feature works that are specifically made in reference to the workspaces.

Kinderwarteraum (05/2022)

Presented at Praxis für Kinder und Jugendliche doctorpractice, Paderborn (BE)

Perfume Counter (09/2021)

Presented at former drugstore De Gaper by Paul Olieslagers, Zandvoort (NL)

SHOWdROOM (09/2019)

Presented at Paepens NV showroom for sanitary ware, by the Paepens Family, Ninove (BE)

Salon Piédestal (02/2019)

Presented at CARE pedicure salon, by Sylvia Grootes van Ingen and Anniek Böhmer-Grootes, Wormerveer (NL)

to Mark Grootes