Have you heard of me? No? Many have heard of my brothers, the Leviathan and the Behemoth but somehow I, Ziz, have always flown under the radar. There is a logic in that. I invented radar. Let me introduce myself in this video below:

Introduction to Ziz:

So, now you know a bit about me. I’m here to tell my story. Were is here? Here is the internet, my normal habitat, the clouds. Skies and electricity, currents and flows, baby! I am an ever growing mythology, taking in space, space, space…


From hammer and chisel to Sputnick and internet, We’re all tools.

Did I mention Sputnick? Sputnick is my firstborn proof of power. My power stems from progression and nothing says progression better than a race. What fun it was to see my efforts to dominate both a Behemoth (The then USSR) as well as a Leviathan (The US) cultivate into a space race, each of my brothers forced to pay tribute to the skies, to me!