The Planthunter at S.M.A.K.

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The Planthunter has been selected for the prize of the friends of S.M.A.K. 2021, a groupshow together with works from Angyvir Padilla and Jimena Delion Chavez. The three artist have decided in the end to share the prize.

The installation that has been made for S.M.A.K. exists out of five works. Next to The Planthunter and the movie Wild Wildenburg the exhibitions also shows the 15 Notes on Wildenburg drawings as well as two sculptures especially made for this show: China Chaney and Divider Hengduan Shan.

Museum text written by the curator of Waldeinsamkeit: Koi Persyn: click here

Photo’s by Marcel van Ingen

The Planthunter and Wild Wildenburg

Divider Hengduan Shan

China Chaney

Notes on Wildenburg

to The Planthunter