The Temple of Universal Immense Healing Qualities

The Temple of Universal Immense Healing Qualities

June 2018

Graduation Project, KASK School of Arts, Ghent, Belgium

Works: Saltscrub, Morrocan mud mask, Sky skinscraper, Oyster concrete, Tea garden

Some materials have universal immense healing qualities. Salt or Moroccan mud, lava stone, tea or chalk from shells transcend cultural use or economic value and thus are globally exotic. Nothing proves this better then the fact that all these materials know their place in the wellness economy.

Although the material has a universal value, every manifestation of the material is specifically cultural or economic. Mark Grootes chooses a location as carrier for these manifestations. Aware of the meaning and history of the location he brings in the immense healing qualities. This creates a game about exchange, an exchange between the viewer as a local and the location as a reference to the rest of the world which is activated through these universal materials.