Salon Pièdestal

Salon Pièdestal



Salon Pièdestal is the first in a series of four exhibition with the artists Thorben Gröbel, Mark Grootes, Jonathan Paepens and Martijn Petrus. Each show will be held within the workspaces of one of their parents. The first show was presented at CARE Wormerveer, the pedicure salon of Sylvia Grootes van Ingen and Anniek Böhmer Grootes


Mark Grootes – Godtowels


Martijn Petrus – Living jewel, swimming flowers


Jonathan Paepens – Remark #3 and  #4 & Decay of stability 

Thorben Gröbel – Neue Fuße


Sylvia Grootes van Ingen & Anniek Böhmer Grootes – These are a few of my favourite things